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Welcome to SATA 


The Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunals Association (SATA) is a provincial organization of administrative tribunal members and other persons interested in administrative justice.  

SATA's objectives are:


  1. To facilitate the sharing of professional information experience and expertise about administrative justice by our members;

  2. To promote and assist in the education and training of tribunal members and staff; 

  3. To address common concerns of members within the administrative justice system in Saskatchewan;

  4. To act as a source of information and consultation on issues relating to the administration, development and      improvement of the administrative justice system; and

  5. To liaise with tribunal members and staff in other provinces and in the federal jurisdiction and with their  organizations.

Administrative tribunals have a tremendous influence on our daily lives. As part of the quasi-judicial system, administrative tribunals decide rights and entitlements related to licensing, status of people and things, and money and benefits owed.

Tribunals include: 

  • agencies, boards and commissions of provincial government

  • public-sector appeal bodies and committees for municipalities, colleges and universities

  • appeal and discipline committees for professional organizations, sports groups, unions and other   associations.

In 2007, Ombudsman Saskatchewan completed a review of administrative tribunals in Saskatchewan entitled:
Hearing Back: Piecing Together Timeliness in Saskatchewan’s Administrative Tribunals.


The report contained 27 recommendations for improving tribunal practices. Many of these recommendations referred to better training.


In 2009, Ombudsman Saskatchewan began a project with the Dispute Resolution Office, a branch of the Ministry of Justice, to develop a training resource for members of administrative tribunals and others. That project resulted in Practice Essentials for Administrative Tribunals: Practice Essentials for Administrative Tribunals (    


Partly as a result of the Ombudsman’s recommendations, Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunals Association (SATA) was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation.  SATA held its inaugural founding meeting, on June 7, 2012, in Regina where the bylaws were adopted and the initial Board of Directors was elected.

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