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Welcome to SATA 

The Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunals Association (SATA) is a provincial organization of administrative tribunal members and other persons interested in administrative justice.  

SATA's objectives are:
a.    To facilitate the sharing of professional  information experience and expertise about administrative justice by our members;
b.    To promote and assist in the education and training of tribunal members and staff; 
c.    To address common concerns of members within the administrative justice system in Saskatchewan;
d.    To act as a source of information and consultation on issues relating to the administration, development and improvement of the administrative justice system; and
e.    To liaise with tribunal members and staff in other provinces and in the federal jurisdiction and with 
       their organizations.

Administrative tribunals have a tremendous influence on our daily lives. As part of the quasi-judicial system, administrative tribunals decide rights and entitlements related to licensing, status of people and things, and money and benefits owed.

Tribunals include: 
- agencies, boards and commissions of provincial government 
- public-sector appeal bodies and committees for municipalities, colleges and universities
- appeal and discipline committees for professional organizations, sports groups, unions and other associations.

Learn more about the history of how SATA came to be.

Become a member of SATA to benefit from substantial reductions in conference fees. Tribunal associated people make up the bulk of our membership, some are also from those appearing before tribunals. We welcome your participation and encourage you to become a member. In the future we will be striving to provide at least 2 one-day training sessions each year, spring and fall.  At least one of the training sessions will be SATA’s annual conference which is a forum for practices and trends for administrative tribunals.

Please take time to visit our website and send us your comments and suggestions on how SATA can better serve the administrative justice community in Saskatchewan.

Karen Smith, C.Dir, CTAJ
President, Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunal Association


Some of Saskatchewan’s administrative tribunals shared their interest in forming a Saskatchewan made association of administrative tribunals, similar to what many other provinces have. The initial sponsoring tribunal members were from the Workers Compensation Board, Automobile Injury Appeal Commission, and Labour Relations Board. The group believed such a forum could provide efficient and cost effective in-province training and networking opportunities for administrative tribunals, boards and commissions.

Tribunals interested in joining the organization has expanded and formed a working group.  Part of the impetus came from considering the recommendations of former Saskatchewan Ombudsman, Kevin Fenwick QC, in his “Hearing Back” report – A Review of Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunals.

We are incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation under the name, Saskatchewan Administrative Tribunals Association (SATA). We held the inaugural Founding Meeting, on June 7, 2012, in Regina where the bylaws were adopted and the initial Board of Directors was elected.

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